Another Giant

And here we have another giant. This time from MOM Miniaturas. I got him in an eBay auction and did not really need him. So I sold him to a friend, but offered to paint him first, because I liked the model.

I did not do any work on the base, as my friend can do that to fir him in with the rest of his army. The model itself is fairly simple without that many details apart form a few skulls and leather straps.

So most of the giant is either skin, leather, fur or big armor plates. Painting him was very fast. Most of the time was consumed layering up the skin (which cannot be really seen in the photos – I still have to you something about the lighting in the box).

Again going away from the GW paints, most of the colors used are from Pro Acryl. The metals als Valejo Model color washed with Agrax Eathshade and then drybrushed again.

I am still torn about if I like the model or not. When I first got him I thought he was pretty cool. But when I started to paint him, the quality of the resin really bothered me. There are some really sharp edges and some areas are sculpted really badly – the fingers for example. I had that problem before, when I got some Skaven Plague Censer Bearers from Windmaster Miniatures. They had the same feel to them. Maybe that how you sculpt models in Spain? I don’t know. But you cannot complain if the price is good. This giant and the Skavens both are so much cheaper than models form GW.

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