Minotaur Warlord Turtle

First part of the turtle army are the Minotaur turtles. They are a little bit bigger and meaner then the other turtles. On the battlefield they can be distinguished by being mounted on 40x40mm bases. All of the models are 3D printed and came from the great The Tortles Kickstarter from Epics ‘N’ Stuff. If your interested in buying the models for yourself, he has a shop on MyMinifactory and a Patreon, where you can support him too.

The first model is the Minotaur turtle warlord or a Tortle Deathknight. He is the only model that got a different skin tone. I did not mean to use this model at all in the beginning. The Kickstarter had so many great looking turtles and my Minotaur unit had Paired Weapons, so I just wanted to use the ones with more than one weapon. But this model always stared at me and I really wanted to use him. So I just printed him and thought that he would be a great Totemic Summon. And being a summoned model I could give him a more pale skin tone.

But after painting him, I was really pleased with the way he looked. I even gave him a slightly elevated base. And that made him even more special. So in the end he became the general of the army. And by being a little bit different than the rest of the Minotaur turtles, playing with him is easier, because everyone can see, where he is.

And the most fun part is, that I don’t remember which colours I used to paint him. The skin started out with a very dark green, where I tried to use short straight lines of a brighter colour (I think it was the Torquise) to emphasize raised areas like the muscles. But the contrast was too big, so I washed everything I think with Corelia Nightshade and that step brought it all together.

I especially like how the runes on his shoulderpad turned out. This was just so simple. I painted the pad with some bone colour, gave it a brown wash and then used Pro Acryl Bright Pale Green and the runes popped. Same with the eyes.

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