Tialevor – Exhalted Herald

This is a premiere. This is the first miniature I printed myself, that I finished painting. It is Tialevor the Tyrant God from Artisans Guild.

Tialevor The Tyrant God

I will use him as an Exhalted Herald for my Warriors of the Dark Gods Ninth Age army. I already have another great model for an herald, but it doesn’t have wings. So I was very happy when I got this sculpt from Artisans Guild as a 3-month loyality reward.

I already posted some WIP pictures of him a few days ago – just resin all grey. He comes in four parts, five if you count the base, which I did not print, because it is a round one, and he will be mounted on a 50x50mm square base.

I had a few problems printing him. First print failed with his blade-arm not sticking to the supports and being deformed. Then I had two more failed prints of one of his wings. And while painting him, I found two more spots, where the print wasn’t perfect. But they are small and hidden.

Painting him was another premiere all in itself. I mostly used my new colours from Pro Acryl. He was my testbed for them and I really liked working with them. I will have to do some more tests, before I’ll write a little review.

One thing I noticed was that the paints had a lot of surface tension when painted directly onto the black primer. I’ll have to investigate this. It could be, because I thinned them with water, when I applied them to the primer. Maybe they don’t like that as much as GW paints. Or maybe my water wasn’t clean enough. Or maybe I had some residue on the primer from the printing. I don’t know yet.

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