Gortach Turtles

Gortachs Turtles are biggest and meanest of the existing turtles. Ruleswise they are strong, tough, have alot of attacks but lack any armour. The models I choose are 3D printed again and are from Goonmaster Games. They do have a Patreon and a MyMiniFactory store. Those two models are Snapping Turtle 1 and Snapping Turtle 2. Both scaled up to 200% to fit them on the bigger 50x100mm bases.

Skin colour for these was mostly archived with drybrushing. I started with a very dark green as the base colour and then drybrushed more lighter and more yellow greens over that. Negative effect was, as you can see in this first picture, that this highlights imperfections in the print – as shown by the horizontal layer lines on his right arm.

The rest of the model is very kept very simple. The shell is a terracotta red brown with ocre drybrushing, the chord is just brown with ocre drybrushing and an Agrax Earthshade wash.

Here you can see the layerline again. When I printed the model, I did not really notice the line as it was very fine. I think if I hadn’t painted the flesh using drybrushing I could have just painted over it and it would not be so prominent.

Here you can see another effect. I don’t know if it was the resin, the primer or the paint, but the paint on the edges of the shell is really prone to rubbing off. Of course I paint the miniatures to play with them on the table and I always touch them and don’t just move them around by using the base. So the shell is the most prominent part of the model to pick it up. But I also had not used varnish yet.

The second one was a little bit more challenging when fitting him to the 50x100mm base. The weapon stands out just a little bit. But as these are single model units you can get by on the table. And noone really wants to get near them.

I printed the models solid. They are heavy and used a lot of resin. But the added weights also makes them feel good, when you move them. They don’t wobble around or anything.

The models files from Goonmaster Games also come with a hollowed version. But when I looked into the model I saw that the weapon was hollowed out without and holes in it to allow the uncured resin inside the weapon to run out. I really did not like that and so I printed them solid. And of course I dropped one of them and the weapon was the part that broke off. Had I printed the weapon hollow without any holes I guess I would have made a mess on my working table when all that uncured resin would have spilled out that day.

And if you are a Beast Herds player: those buddies are real monsters. They hit so hard and do so much damage. Only thing they don’t like are many small ranged attacks or big cannon shots.

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