Turtle time

Nearly seven month without a post. Have I forgotten this blog or have I not done anything. Nope.

I always have problems to decide on which army to play. Owning several armies and now with access to a 3D printer it got even worse. So many patreons with such great models. So in March I decided to randomly determine the army I would play for the rest of the year: Beast Herds.

Great. I already own a lot of Beast Herd models. So now with the army selected all I had to do was build a viable list and print the missing models. I got a little bit sidetracked by Stellaris but then Raven Twin Miniatures came around with some really great STL files for Beast Herds. So I started printing a lot of them.

I had a great list with about 80 Mongrels, a big block of Minotaurs and two units of Centaurs. But after having them all printed and basing them a few days before my first battle with them, I got highly annoyed by them. The Raven Twin Miniatures look great, but they are very detailed with many small pointy bits. This in combination with the resin I used back them resulted in a few broken spears and horns, because the resin was very brittle. And the miniatures where a little bit too big in order to the ranked up nice and tight.

But then I found another list from a UK tournament by locklust. And then everything clicked. The list did not require that many models. And I had already set my eyes on some models I found great but did not know on what to use them for. This was the inception of the Turtle Army:

I mean turtles are also beasts, are they not? I had to be a little creative with the Gargoyles, but otherwise everything fit really well. I’ll post closeups of the models in the upcoming days.

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