Chaos Champion – Sword and Head of a Fleshhound

This champion is a curious one. I always thought he looked like the model you can see here. It never occurred to me that he was in fact a conversion done by my cousin, before I bought my chaos minis from him.

But the conversion with the wings is fitting and looks good. But I don’t know where he got the wings from. For painting the champion now I had to break off the wings and reattach them using some greenstuff to get a better transition than before.

He was the first chaos champion I painted recently. So with him I fixed my coulour scheme with bright metal and gold. Because I had so much colour in the face and wings, his armour sticks to mostly the metals.

Of course he was the first one, where I ran into my shield problem. I did not have any old Citadel shield with a hole in it. So gave him a new plastic shield from a chaos-bits-collection I bought off eBay. Must be from a Barbarian Marauder or Chaos Warrior. But it is small enough, that it fits under the wings and looks chaosy.

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