Chaos Warrior – Sword 2

Here we have another Chaos Warrior of which I tought, he was a Champion. This time a Nurgle Champion. The armour always looked cery insect-like to me and so I associated it with the Father of Flies. In 9th Age there is no Nurgle anymore, so I don’t have to make him disgusting. He is just a warrior with green armour.

I repainted him several times. My first decision was to paint him green. I got overboard and painted all armour green. Looked good, but did not fit into the whole scheme, as he did not have any silver parts.

I them stripped him and repainted him. This time replacing the gold of the other models with bronze. The bronze is done using GW Warplock Bronze and drybrush Army Painter True Copper.

I used the same colours on the shield. I think the bronze looks better on him than gold – making him a little bit darker.

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