Chaos Warrior – Sword and Bone Armour 3

So this is another one of the Chaos Warriors I always thought of being a Champion – Khorne this time. As it turns out, according to the catalogue he is just a simple Warrior.

But that does not bother me. In fact he was the second miniature I painted, after I unearthed them from their resting place. And he was the one where I said to myself – you don’t have to paint red everywhere. Just stick to silver and gold. Ok it was simple, because he has so much bone armour. But I think the rest of the armour looks good.

Just to get a little more color in, I drybrushed the runes on his sword a little bit, to give them a “magic” glow.

And he was the first one, where I noticed that I did not buy the right shields 25 years ago. I know that I did not like the Citadel shields with the hole in them. So I bought shields from Marauder. But those are bigger and don’t fit as good as the Citadel ones. In the end I took one of the smaller Marauder shields for him and painted it blue and gold.

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