This model is so iconic for the Ogre Kingdoms from Games Workshop. It is a Firebelly – or following the 9th Age nomenclature it is simply a Shaman with Pyromancy.
I do have the butcher model. But this miniature looks simply great. I really took my time with him and put him back for a long time. I wanted to get the hang of how I paint my ogres before I put paint on him.

I’m very sad, that I did not take any pictures painting him and the plume especially. The flames were done by painting everything white. Then I glazed them with yellow. In the next step I shaded some recesses further up the plume with orange and then up to red.
After I had the flames I painted all the clouds black. The various layers of grey where put on with foam from an old blister pack. I put a little bit of gray paint onto it and dipped it lightly onto the surface of the cloud. I repeated that for a few different kinds of greys, so they would not look too uniform.

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