Ogre Tribesmen

I would like to start this blog with one of my ogres, because my Ogre army is the most complete one – in terms of models and more importantly painted models.

This is the first Games Workshop Ogre I painted about two years ago. I got a very good deal in a Facebook miniature buy/sell group for a lot of Ogres. With Ogres being a low model count army and the models large and simple to paint I really set myself the goal to paint them.

I always disliked the new GW way of painting them in flesh colors. I think there is too much contrast between in the muscles and the skin. The old edition ogres with their olive/green skin look better but whenever I see them I think of sick Nurgle ogres.

So I went with something different. Inspired by the trollbloods of Hordes I went for blue ogres – or Smurfs 🙂

This is the first test model with the chosen color scheme. I really liked how it looked and so went on and painted them all.

More to come in the future.

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