Blood Bowl Ogre #2

This is my Ogre player number 2. He is again an alternative model from Willy Miniatures. If you buy him, you get the Goblin as an extra.

Willy Miniatures made several Blood Bowl star player miniatures. These two represent Brick Far’th & Grotty. If you have some inducements as an Ogre coach these are really good. The Grotty really has good chances to pick up the ball. Their downside is, that your team won’t get Star Player Points, when you score with them.

I really liked the miniatures. They are lead and there was much flesh I had to scrape off. They both have nice dynamic poses and Brick is really heavy.

But I had a problem with them on the usual Blood Bowl pitch. They come with the same base size as my Ogre #1. And those bases are bigger then the squares on the pitch. It is a little bit inconvenient to place them. But when you are playing Ogre you get used to moving around miniatures on the pitch the first time your opponent manages to down one of the big guys. When they are lying they take up more then one square – so don’t let them get blocked *g*.

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