Blood Bowl Ogre #3

Even though Morg’n’Thorg is a star player I use him as a regular cool looking Ogre for my Blood Bowl team.

This is the current version of Morg from Forgeworld. I really like his face, but he has too much bling on his belt and neck for my taste.

Even though my team started with 5 Ogres on the roster, I only bought him after a few games. Thinking postage from Forgeworld was very expensive I waited for other players to make a big order so that we could get into free shipping range.

But the order did not come together. Only then I realised that shipping from Forgeworld was 10% of the total value. With Morg only costing 25€ that was only 2,50€ shipping. That is less then I pay for a package when I send it myself in my country. So I ordered my by myself.

I don’t know if I did not wash the resin enough or what it was, but the paint really didn’t want to stick to the big guy. Even after priming him the first layers for the blues on his shirt and shoulder pad where very spotty.

Because I got him so late I had to improvise on the color of the shirt. I mixed the color on all the other Ogres from a very light blue and white. I think he is a bit darker than the others. But they are all Ogres, so the trainer and managers can be happy that they show up wearing any cloths at all.

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