Champion of Khorne – Sword, Blade Arm and Horns

Another Khorne champion – this time with a mutated blade arm and horns forming the Khorne symbol. Usually I don’t like these obvious symbol-horns. Like on the new GW Khorne models, where the horns are half of the model.

I did not want to paint another red model, and the arm had to look different. So I went for purple and blue. I wet-blended GW Ultramarine blue into GW Screamer Purple. I wanted to add a few highlights to the arm but because of time matters I did not finish it.

Haircolour is another topic. I’m not sure if black is the way to go. Maybe I change if later to something more flashy. Right now the black almost hides the hair.

And again I really like the small details and differences between the models. He has almost the same pose as the champion with the horns, but wears leather boots.

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