Chaos Centaurs

I needed some barbarian horsemen for my army. As I wanted to stay in the Oldhammer look & feel I took out some old Chaos Centaurs and used them as barbarians. They do look savage enough and in 9th Age there are no Centaurs except in the Beast Herds book.

Some of the centaurs where painted years ago. But with a surprisingly thin coat of paint. If I look at some of my other models of that time – I used to paint straight from the pot. And the paints where from some hobby store around the corner and not GW. Very thick paints.

I overpainted some of the old stuff gave them a wash and a few highlights. Time for the tournament was running out.

Some of the models are really good, like the centaur in chainmail in the front or the one with the tentacle arm. Some of them are really bad – I’m looking at you guys with your two heads and the dwarvish looking centaur. They look just silly.

If you look at some of the bases, you will notice that some of them were build from smaller ones. I had some trouble getting enough cavalry bases before the tournament, so I had to combine a few 25x25mm ones into 25x50mm bases. But more on these bases in some future post.

Overall I enjoyed painting them. They had a few details and it is always a good feel to get something out of the lead pile and put some paints on it.

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