Chaos Warrior Knights

Ok, this will be a big image post, because I don’t want to split up all the pictures of the knights into their own posts. They do look too similar to justify that.

When I got the box of chaos stuff out from under my desk and looked at all the models I was thrilled to find the knights. They are big and heavy. And I thought it would be so much fun painting them. Well – it was not.

What I liked to paint were the horses. They are what makes this models heavy and different. But the knights themself are a bit boring. I had to paint and strip a few of them, because the armour just would not work.

I wanted different colours as to not associate them with a single deity. But red and green just looked best. I made the odd blue one but in the end just went with red and green. In addiditon to the usual silver and gold colours for the rest of the armour.

The horses don’t have gold. Instead I opted for bronze on them. They are not warriors, they just get the cheap metal *G*

I think these models do need the old Citadel shields with the holes. I used some shields out of my chaos bits box, but they do not fit as good as I would have liked. And they do made the models wider, which makes ranking them up a pain.

The standard was build from a GW barbarian standard. I needed it, because I gave the unit the Icon of the Inifinte banner enchantment – a bound damage spell with a range. So I had to mark a model as beeing the standard bearer for measuring the range from him.

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