Podcast: The Fantasy Wargaming Podcast

The Fantasy Wargaming Podcast is done by Paul Godbold (@thegodbold) and Tony Hayle (@tonyhayle).

I really like this podcast. It has good production quality, the hosts are nice and the show is organized. Most topics revolve around The Ninth Age, Warmaster, tournaments, miniatures and painting.

When shows usually do tournament reviews, they can become very long winded. But these two manage to keep the descriptions of their battles interesting. I even keep listening to the battle reports of the Warmaster games, even though I don’t play that game – maybe in the future … the podcast got me interested.

Right now they have a segment, where they review different miniature companies. As you can use any kind of miniature in 9th Age, this may come really handy for anyone looking for alternative models.

The show has different segments but is not strictly adhering to a strict sturcture. It all feels very natural. Something done by people who love their hobby and want to share that with other people. That makes the show very easy to listen to.


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