Saurian Ancients Cuatl Lord

 This is the big fat frog – my Cuatl Lord – formerly known as Slann. 

The model is the standard Games Workshop Slann model. Because the Lizardmen got renamed in Age of Sigmar I don’t know new name of him.

This is the finecast version of the model. I got this used on ebay. But it was damaged. One of the dangling golden chain-thingies at the top is broken off and the ornaments on one side of the platform is missing. After I noticed these damages I bought another one – this time the heavy lead version.
I sold the second one, after my switch to The Ninth Age. In old Warhammer 8th Edition time you could field more than one Slann. I think the army book of the Saurian Ancients still allow for more than one Cuatl Lord. But those things are so expensive on the points side, that I will not field more than one in the near future.

The lead one got sold again, because he was still in the original packaging, and this one got painted. With one gold chain missing and the stone cracked, it looks a little bit more worn-out. But that’s ok for something so old.

Please don’t take a look at the base. I started my Lizardmen army and bought jungle resin bases from Microart Studio. They are great, and I will post a few close up looks of those bases in the future. But the square ones got discontinued. I have no resin base for the Cuatl yet. So the plain ugly GW base will have to suffice.

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