Removing the dust


I’m back. I didn’t think that is has been over a year since I last posted something new here. But nevertheless I’m back and I’ll try to keep this site updated once again.

This picture represents most of the stuff I did in the last year:

  • I got myself a Vermin Swarm / Skaven army and painted a whole lot of them.
  • I gave in and bought a 3D printer.
  • I got a new smaller lightbox for christmas.
The thing that kept me most from posting new pictures was the lightbox. My old one was very big and could fit big models. But the lights I got with the lightbox were crap. I had to plug them into the wall sockets and they were not powerful enough. So taking pictures of the minis I painted wasn’t any fun. And therefore I postponed the task and then forgot it.
I’ll make a post about the new lightbox soon, when I have taken more pictures and tested it more. So stay tuned.

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