Throgg the Doomlord (finished)

 Looking through the old posts I found that I just did a WIP of Throgg. Well he got finished. I actually don’t remember when I painted him.

After all those building problems with filling gaps and cutting away the superflous resin, painting him was really a treat. Essentially it came down to the skin/rocks and the cloak.
I did the skin/rocks/teeth first. Mostly because I did not know which colour the cloak should get. I started by washing everything with very diluted GW Aethermatic Blue Contrast paint. Then drybrushing everything with white and then glazing everything again with GW Guilliman Blue. That gave me a nice icy blue colour.

The most difficult part of the cloak was determining which layer of skin/fabric belonged to each other and if to paint them all differently, resulting in a very stiched together look. In the end I decided to paint most of it red with just a few different colours for contrast reasons. The red works very well with the icy blue skin tone of the red of the model.

My first attempt painting the weapon was to make it look like a big rock. So everything was just gray and dull. I painted a stunty Blood Blowl skink team recently and their scale/skin colour was very bright. So I tried it again on the rock and it came out so good, that this is now my basic go-to receipe for painting “mystical” rocks and energy:

  • prime white
  • wash with GW Hexwraith Flame
  • glaze with GW Lamenters Yellow
  • Done!
I think that the weapon totally makes the model work. 

The base is from one of my Forsworns which I got from Scribor Miniatures. More on them in the future.

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