Sorcerer on Skywheel

 Yes I know he is a Warhammer 40k model. But when I went on vacation 2019 I visited a FLGS and skimmed through their goods. I could not find anything I really needed. But then I saw the box for Ahriman and thought that I didn’t have a model for a Sorcerer on a Skywheel. And if you take a look back at some of the other old Champions of Chaos models, some of them got even more weapons that him.

The model itself is gorgeous. So many small details and so much chance to paint metallics, which look really good on him. Even the underside of the disc has so much details on it, which you cannot see and appreciate on the table top.

He was one of my first dabblings in contrast colours. I primed him black and gave him a big zenital highlight with just a normal GW White Primer rattle can. Then started to apply the contrast colours. The zenital priming made the yellow robes very easy. The cloak was more of a lucky coindicdence, where I started with a red and then applied some purple but got a very rich brown out of it.

The blue armour parts where some normal GW colour that was mostly dried out. But it had a little bit of very runny blue fluid left. This was almost like a contrast paint. 

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