Champions of Chaos

These guys are simply awesome. In the last tournament I used them as simple Warriors. But they could be used as Chosen or Fallen. So many different models, each with a unique look. I do have a permanent page, to see my whole collection (collection …. not painted *g*).

They are a mixture of Oldhammer Champions and Warriors of Chaos from Games Workshop. Mostly Khorne and Tzeentch models. The Khorne ones I bought years ago from my cousin. The Tzeentch minis I got myself to build a different army than him.

Apart from the different mutations I was very surprised by the amount of additional details the old models provide.

I did not want do paint them the way you mostly see those old models. So I treid to stay away from monochrome armour and grimy looks. I wanted them to be proud warriors in great armour. So most of the armour parts I did in bright silver and gold. Each model was its own challenge to determine which parts should be metal armour and which parts should be colored.

You’ll get more pictures of the models in the upcoming days.

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