Feldrak Elder #2

For my tournament list I needed two Feldrak Elders. I recovered the first one from his resting place in the box under my table. I really would have liked to get a second of the Oldhammer ones. I think there was a different model available in the past.

But not having the time or the inclination to spend a whole lot of money on an old lead one, I went to my local GW store and ordered their Dragon Ogor Shaggoth.

What really put me off was the fact that I sold this model (in lead) to a friend of mine last year. He already painted it, so there was no way t get it back and repaint it. And now I had to reacquire the mini.

And it was Finecast. The rest of my army is lead – which has its own problems. But even though it is a big miniature, it felt like it was the lightest one in the whole army.

Painting-wise he is not really done. There are still many spots where I can work. But it is painted far enough that I can use him on the tabletop.

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