Feldrak Elder #1

Feldraks are a crossover of a dragon and an ogre. In old Warhammer times they were called Dragon Ogres. Feldraks come in different size in The Ninth Age: Feldraks, Feldrak Elders and Feldrak Ancients.

This is one of my Feldrak Elders. The model is a very old Dragon Ogre from Games Workshop. I always remember that there was a picture of a conversion of this miniature in one of the Realms of Chaos books, which looking amazing.

He sat in my box for a long time. And I really did not want to paint him. Because his back foot and tail would not fit to the body. Something must have broken off in the far past. No amount of superglue could fix that.

But now I used a little bit of green stuff and the transition got fixed. To mount him onto the base, I had to cut away a few skulls from the base and attach many small skulls around the feet of the model to hide the small bases under them.

Overall I think he looks good. Could use a little more contrast on the armour. But I can always go back to that. Just had to get him finished for the tournament.

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