Saurian Ancients Skink Priest on Palaquin

This is a Skink Priest on Palaquin. The model is the old Tetto’eko from Games Workshop.

The base is obvilously not done yet. Here I have the same problem I have with the Cuatl Lord. Even more so as the Skink Palaquin can change its base size from 50x50mm to 40x40mm for free. This way you can fit him into a Skink or Skink plus Caiman unit or in a unit of Saurus Warriors. I think I’ll have to build the bases so I can swap them around between the Skink Priest and the Cualt Lord.

Painting the big plant leaves was very much fun. I first wet blended the colors into each other and them glazed a little bit to make the transitions smoother. 

If you look very close, you’ll see, that the leaves on one side of the palaquin are slightly bend. This is a nice effect, but happened totally by accident. I put the model in a box inside my car on a very hot day. And when I got the model out the resin was warped from the temperature. I think I could fix that by applying hot water and straightening the blades, but it looks more dynamic this way.

The pictures did not get capture it very well, but the blue parts of his crystal ball are covered in glossy clearcoat. That makes the ball more shiny.

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