WIP: Throgg the Doomlord

I saw Throgg a few month ago in a FLGS, looked at the price and put him back. Then I noticed, that he was no longer available on the Games workshop web site. So when I got back to the FLGS I had to buy him – either to add him to my collection or to sell him for a profit.

I used a Doomlord in my last game for the first time. He was awesome. Holding back hobgoblins, an infernal engine and incarnates all at the same time, he was my MVP of the match. I had to use some of my ogres as proxies, including the Doomlord. So when I went to my FLGS, I had to buy Throgg.

Tonight I put him together. And again, this feeling ….. of hating Finecast. We have been all spoiled by great Games workshop plastic miniatures. I recently put together a unit of Putrid Blightkings. Everything fits together smoothly. But not with Finecast. Big gaps, bubbles and those little triangles in hard to reach places.

I will have to use a lot of Greenstuff on him. But at least he is glued together – except for the head. I just used a little bit of bluetac to fixate the head for the photos. I will paint the head separately.

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